Large Scale Printing Services-
design consultations to bring your ideas to life- designers on staff - Fast Turnaround

Full Wraps & Half Wraps for Cars, Trucks, Semis, Trailers, Food Trucks, Mobile Boutiques, Service Vehicles, Boats, Wall Wraps, and More!
 Window Coverings,  Vinyl Letters, Halo Lighting Signs,  Box Lit Signs, Stand Off Letter Signs, &
Marquee Signs 
Pull Up Banners,
Displays, and All Of The Items
You Need To Hand Out
Vinyl Lettering (Windows, Walls, Vehicles)  Window Film (You Can See Out But They Can’t See In) Window Tinting, Menus , Calendars 
Installs For New Signs
and Also Light Maintaince 
Logo sign: We take your vision, mix it with our artistic abilities and produce a product. "We are a start to finish design company".
Screenprinting: T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Pants
Embroidery: Hats, Bags, Shirts, Coats,&

Printing Plus History

In my hand I hold history – Printing Plus was established in 1981 in Davenport, Iowa by my grandparents, June and John Cole. At that time the print shop was known as Speedy Printing franchise.  
My parents Dean and Mary took over the family business in 1985 & renamed the company to Printing Plus. In 1997 they moved the company to the Historic Washington Street on the corner of Washington & 17th street in Davenport, Iowa. During those years Printing Plus was an off-set printing company, specializing in paper printing. Currently we have switched to digital printing, designing, wide format printing, screen printing apparel, embroidery apparel, vehicle lettering, vehicle wraps, bucket truck services and installation of signs & lighting.

Printing Plus currently has seven employees that are hard working & dedicated to their careers. We also have one of the top designers working in-house in the Quad Cities. We are a proud small business. When you support us you support seven families that live locally. 

Our printing business has been influenced by generations of hard work and we will continue to grow, build and service our community every year. 

We have grown our business & now utilize two stories of our building. The second floor houses our apparel shop. The first floor is where design, production and meetings take place. Recently we have acquired a new heated and air conditioned shop with a space of 60’x50’ with two 15 foot doors for all of your large business vehicle wraps & lettering installments. 

Printing Plus currently has seven employees that are hard working & dedicated to their careers. We also have one of the top designers working in-house in the Quad Cities. We are a proud small business. When you support us you support seven families that live locally. 

Our printing business has been influenced by generations of hard work and we will continue to grow, build and service our community every year.  




 I’m Mary, the proud owner of Printing Plus for the past 38 years! Carrying on a family tradition, I’m the second generation to helm this beloved business. Married and blessed with two wonderful children and three precious grandchildren, my family is the center of my universe. We cherish time together, whether it’s camping under the stars, enjoying delicious meals, exploring scenic routes on road trips, or simply creating lasting memories in each other’s company. When I first opened Printing Plus, copies were a mere 0.5 cents each! It’s been a remarkable journey witnessing the evolution of the printing industry. Through it all, my passion for providing high-quality printing services and exceeding customer expectations has remained unwavering. So, come visit Printing Plus and let us help you bring your printed dreams to life! With a dedication to excellence and a commitment to community, we’re here to serve your needs with a smile. 


A Dedicated Family Man and Printing Pro Brian is on his third generation at Printing Plus, carrying on the family legacy for the past 17 years. During his time there, he has successfully expanded the business beyond traditional printing, adding services like signs and vinyl graphics. His hard work and dedication have even led to the opening of a second location, equipped for efficient “multi installs” in a climate-controlled environment. Beyond his professional achievements, Brian is a devoted family man. He enjoys spending time outdoors, boating, fishing, and hunting with his wife and their five-year-old daughter. He also loves cooking and entertaining, creating countless memories for his loved ones. Looking ahead, Brian has a clear vision for the future of Printing Plus. He plans to train his daughter in the business, ensuring that the family tradition continues for generations to come. Through his hard work, dedication, and family values, Brian has built a successful career and established himself as a pillar of the Davenport community. 


Graphic Designer, Artist, and Family Man Born and raised in Davenport, Iowa, Alejandro Jimenez has always had a passion for creativity. From a young age, he was drawn to both art and music, and this artistic spirit guided him throughout his education. Majoring in both Graphic Design and Painting, Alejandro earned bachelor’s degrees from Ashford University and the University of Iowa respectively. This diverse background has given him a unique perspective and skillset, allowing him to excel in the field of graphic design. A member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Alejandro’s dedication and talent were recognized early on. He joined Printing Plus in 2014, and his commitment to the company is evident in his goal to elevate it to its full potential. Beyond his professional career, Alejandro is a devoted family man. Married with three young boys, he cherishes his free time, which he spends hiking in the summer, exploring local parks with his children, and enjoying stand-up comedy and movie nights with his wife. Photography is another creative outlet for Alejandro, and he continues to explore his artistic side through various projects. Additionally, he is a loyal fan of the Iowa Hawkeyes, demonstrating his deep connection to his hometown. With his artistic vision, dedication to excellence, and strong family values, Alejandro Jimenez is a valuable asset to the community and a shining example of creativity and talent.


Bridging Languages and Bringing Ideas to Life Tito brings more than just bilingual expertise to Printing Plus – he brings over 20 years of experience as a graphic designer and a passion for turning your vision into reality. For the past five years, he’s been a valued member of our team, fluent in both English and Spanish, ready to listen and collaborate to bring your ideas to life. Whether it’s a simple business card or a head-turning car wrap, Tito thrives on the creative process. He enjoys the back-and-forth, the brainstorm sessions, the collaborative energy that transforms a concept into a tangible masterpiece. He believes in the power of communication, and his bilingual skills ensure no nuance gets lost in translation, allowing him to connect with clients on a deeper level. But Tito’s talents extend beyond the office walls. Outside of work, he finds joy in the simple things: spending quality time with his son, exploring hidden gems in the park, and soaking in the beauty of nature. These experiences fuel his creativity and remind him of the importance of bringing joy and wonder to the world, one design at a time. So, if you’re looking for a graphic designer who speaks your language – both literally and figuratively – look no further than Tito. He’s the perfect blend of experience, talent, and dedication, ready to collaborate with you and make your vision a visual reality.


My name is Eric Neels. I have an associates degree in Visual Communications and have been in the design field for the last 7 years. I have been with Printing Plus for over 4 years now. As the production manager, my duties cover a wide range at Printing Plus. From creating designs, running large format printers, building signs and installing graphics. Basically following and overseeing production of almost every job. I enjoy this job because it allows me to express my artistic skills as well as my problem solving skills every day. Being able to help oversee a job from the clients initial idea to final product installation is exceptionally rewarding. 


Shane isn’t just a printing professional at Printing Plus – he’s a creative alchemist, transforming blank canvases into vibrant expressions. For the past four years, he’s poured his heart and soul into every prep, installation, and finishing touch, breathing life into signs and car wraps that become testaments to his dedication.

But Shane’s passion extends far beyond the printing press. When he’s not weaving magic with vinyl and ink, you’ll find him revving his engine and conquering virtual racetracks with equal fervor. Cars and video games are his escape, his playgrounds where adrenaline and imagination collide.

Perhaps that’s why Shane finds such joy in his work at Printing Plus. Every project is a chance to collaborate, to understand the vision behind the design, and then meticulously translate it into a tangible masterpiece. He doesn’t just install signs – he unveils them, witnessing firsthand the delight on his clients’ faces as their vision materializes.

For Shane, it’s not just about the technical expertise. It’s about the human connection, the shared joy of creation, and the satisfaction of knowing he’s played a part in making someone’s day a little brighter. So, the next time you see a dazzling sign or a head-turning car wrap in Davenport, remember Shane – the sign whisperer with a passion for pixels and horsepower, weaving his magic one masterpiece at a time.


Your Vinyl Guru and Outdoor Enthusiast Fresh from the vinyl program, Ashton is our newest installer and a true master in the making. He’s got a thirst for knowledge, eager to soak up every detail and nuance of vinyl installation. Whether it’s mastering the perfect seam or tackling a complex layout, Ashton approaches every project with dedication and a smile. But when he’s not transforming spaces with stunning vinyl, Ashton’s all about soaking up the good life. Family and motorsports are his fuel, his weekends filled with the laughter of loved ones and the roar of engines. Whether it’s a picnic in the park with his crew or a thrilling race track adventure, Ashton thrives on the energy and connection of the outdoors.


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